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produce a performance


Maximize the use of sports know-how to support the “continuous movement”

While athletes are creating performances, working people continue to move in their own places every day. We will reflect the technology we have cultivated in sports in our work shoes and support our feet to keep moving without stopping.

スポーツシューズを応⽤した ワークシューズの設計

Design of work shoes applying sports shoes

The shoe last, which is the lifeline of the shoe, is based on the shoe last of walking shoes that has been proven for many years, and the toe uses the highly durable material used in baseball shoes. The tongue that covers the instep incorporates the breathable structure used in tennis shoes. And in order to create a flexible flexibility, it is a work shoe that brings together Mizuno's knowledge and technology, such as applying the upper pattern of running shoes that pursues ease of running.


safe design

Six designs for different work environments

  • 丈夫な履き口

    durable collar

    Synthetic leather is used on the inside of the opening, which is easy to wear, and is more durable than mesh.

  • 先芯

    toe box

    Equipped with a hard resin toe box to protect the toes.

  • 光を反射

    reflect light

    Uses a retroreflective material that reflects light during nighttime work.

  • つま先補強

    toe reinforcement

    The fragile toes are reinforced with durable synthetic leather.

  • 耐油性

    Oil resistance

    Rubber sole that does not easily deteriorate due to oil.

  • Replacement guideline

    When the protruding part wears down to the same height as the slip sign, it is a guideline for replacement (there are 2 places).