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Tajima new standard full harness GS282 black bellows double L8 set S/M/L

Tajima new standard full harness GS282 black bellows double L8 set S/M/L

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A set of 2 bellows double lanyard harnesses that use lightweight hooks!

*This product can be used after January 1, 2022.


  • Basic fit structure with less feeling of restraint
  • 46mm wide belt that does not dig into the shoulder
  • Since the harness is attached directly to the waist belt, it does not take up space.
  • With harness hook hanger
  • Bellows type that does not get in the way because it is shortened
  • Uses a double fixing band that firmly fixes the shock absorber to the back belt.
  • The lanyard is hard to get entangled with a return.
  • Equipped with active SSA (smart shock absorber). Since it is a lanyard type, it is difficult for the rope to hang on the waist bag.
  • The lightest aluminum forged hook (L8 hook) that uses an aluminum gate with excellent lightness.


  • Type: Type 1 for full harness type
  • Usable mass: 100 kg or less Lanyard length: 1.5 m
  • Shock absorber type: First class (4kN)
  • Maximum free fall distance: 2.3m Drop distance: 4.1m


  • Belt: Polyester
  • Buckle: steel
  • Bellows: Nylon
  • Hook: Aluminum

Product Feature Image

Why do you need a full harness?

Until now, the "body belt type" was worn for work with a height of 2m or more, but in the unlikely event that the body becomes "doglegged" and presses the abdomen, there is a danger of being in an "upside down position". there was. Therefore, the movement to revise this and make "full harness type" mandatory is accelerating.

Product Feature Image

Full harness is safer

The full harness type has multiple belts on the shoulders, thighs, and chest to prevent the body from slipping out of the full harness, the risk of pressure on the local area, and the upside down even in a suspended state, reducing accidents and disasters. It's a safer device. It is recommended that the lanyard has a shock absorber that absorbs the impact that occurs during fall arrest.

Product Feature Image

Can be used widely around the waist

SEG active space that can be used widely around the waist without taking up the mounting space. Adopts a unique mounting method (SEG system) that attaches the harness directly to the waist belt.

Product Feature Image

Active X design that does not stretch

By adopting an X structure that crosses the belt on the side of the thigh, it prevents twisting and realizes comfortable movement.

Product Feature Image

heavy duty buckle

Steel heavy duty buckle. The thigh belt is a pass-through type.

Product specifications

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